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About the Shoppe

Faith, Hope and Chocolate began in 2006 in the beautiful community of Vero Beach, FL. We opened the “Chocolate & Cocoa” heading in the yellow pages and were the first and still the only Artisan Chocolate Boutique in Vero Beach and on the Treasure Coast.

Our eclectic selection of chocolates continues to grow and change with each season. We search and seek out only the highest quality, organic, decadent and delicious specialty chocolate, made by the most amazing and unique small batch artisans in the country. Our rule is that each piece of chocolate must pass our ‘wow’ meter to be part of our store and offered to you, and we pride ourselves in not selling anything that we have not tasted. Our favorite part is that each time you purchase one of our exceptional gift boxes you get to enjoy an array of different artisan’s specialty chocolate and experience their distinctive style, taste, and texture.

Along with indisputable, outstanding taste, the health benefits in chocolate stands alone; and there is no other that can compare. It has the highest antioxidant properties in the world and assists with maintaining good cholesterol, blood flow to the brain, your stress level and low blood sugar. It is the all around best treat that you could ever indulge in.

We started with a humble 250 square feet and after only one year of business, took over the adjacent store and expanded to 500 square feet. Then, in August of 2010, we have expanded yet again! Moving to a new location now offering espresso drinks, sipping chocolate, spicy hot cocoas and homemade pastries. We welcome you to come in, have a seat and enjoy all the deliciousness our store has to offer while hanging out with friends or doing business on your laptop on our complimentary Wi-Fi.

The decadence of our chocolates does not stop there our store is just as lavish. It’s highlighted by 2 glamorous Murano Venetian crystal chandeliers which accent our delphinium blue walls that are dressed up with deep brown, fun chocolate, family friendly and inspirational phrases. The décor in Faith, Hope and … Chocolate! will undoubtedly inspire you. With an elegant, funky, welcoming atmosphere that evokes the feelings of a comforting escape mingled with the opulence of a Victorian palace. It plays on the whimsical, childlike desires that only chocolate can create making our store truly one of a kind.

We have been called in various local magazines and newspaper articles as ‘Vero Beach’s beloved chocolate shoppe’ and that could not warm our hearts more! At Faith, Hope and … Chocolate! we donate our time and resources to a long list of non-profit organizations. We have at times even considered ourselves a ‘Chocolate Ministry’, being convinced that God gave us chocolate to spread love and joy.

Chocolate is a powerful gift for any occasion! It says ‘Thank you’, ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’, ‘I care about you’, ‘I’m thinking about you’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘Get well’ and ‘Congratulations’. It’s the perfect gift to celebrate a wedding, a comforting gift to share in the remembrance of a lost loved one, and the most amazing every day gift to brighten anyone’s day.

About The Owner

Our Motto and goal at Faith, Hope and … Chocolate!