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Q: I’ve heard you’re moving to a new location…where will you be and when?
A: We have officially moved and are now open in the New Modern One building which is located on the corner of Indian River Blvd and 21st St. We have expanded  our boutique to now offer seating and  we serve specialty coffees, cocoas and pastries.  We also have Wi-Fi available.

Q: Do any of your chocolates include any fillers or non-natural ingredients?
A: No. All of our chocolates are all natural and pure. Health is a pillar of our business and a driving force for the chocolate industry; all of our products are indeed, chocolate with no waxes, fillers, or hydrogenated oils. We never carry any products that are not of the highest quality and integrity.

Q: Do you cater to dietary restrictions such as sugar free diets, veganism, gluten-free, etc…
A: We carry sugar free bridge mix, truffles, and bars. Many of our dark chocolate bars, truffles, and spa products are vegan, and almost everything in the store is gluten-free. At least all of our by-the-pound chocolates and candies are certified Kosher. If you have a dietary restriction not covered here, please don’t hesitate to call or come in as we more than likely have a chocolate that you can enjoy.

Q: Do you carry chocolate covered strawberries?
A: We happily carry chocolate covered strawberries in the weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day. It is during this time of year that they are in season and thus are the most delicious! If you have a special occasion at any other time of the year we are more than happy to special order them for you.

Q: Do you make gift baskets?
A: We pride ourselves in making some of the most beautiful and delicious gift baskets. We have a wide array of baskets in the store for you to choose from, as well as many different chocolate bars, artisan truffles, bottles of wine and other gifts to fill your basket. 

Q: Can I get my company’s logo printed on a chocolate?
A: We can print your company’s logo or anything else on labels of our signature Faith, Hope and Chocolate chocolate bars and mini bars.  We can also have your logo or picture printed on select chocolates.

Q: Do you hold events or have free tastings so that I can sample your chocolate?
A: We have frequent tastings in which our chocolate is served by itself, or paired with tea or wine. Join our email list or add us on Facebook to keep track of when we’re having such tastings and events. We also have free samples in the store every day of our current favorite merchandise.

Q: Do you ship product?
A: Yes. We've handled clientele all over the U.S. and would be happy to ship products to your home or as gifts to your friends and family. During hotter weather conditions, we may need to ship by air due to the delicacy of our merchandise. Please contact us for more information and for gifts ideas!

Q: Do you wedding or party favors?
A: We can help you with gifts for ALL occasions, from small place setting chocolate boxes to personalized favors for your themed events.

Q: Do you cater?
A: We have fabulously arranged platters and trays available, guaranteed to impress your guests. With a background in catering and the arts, our employees are more than happy to help you make your events and parties an absolute hit!

Q: How are your truffles cared for best?
A: Please, Please, Please.... DO NOT put your handmade truffles in the refrigerator!! The chocolates need to be kept in a cool, dry place at an air-conditioned room temperature. They can be enjoyed for up to two to three weeks once they are out of the chocolate case.