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Truffles: Our Signature

All natural Belgian hand-crafted artisan truffles from meticulously selected chocolatiers offer a variety of delicacies to satisfy every palate. With over 100 flavors, every truffle boasts a unique texture and is guaranteed to spread lots of love and enjoyment. Combine that with our unique packaging and you have the perfect gift.

We search and seek out only the highest quality, organic, decadent and delicious specialty chocolate, made by the most amazing and unique small batch artisans in the country. Anna Shea, Christopher Elbow, Cocopotamus, J Chocolatier, Moonstruck, Royal Palm Chocolates, VR Chocolates, & William Dean are among our selections! 

                                                                       Truffle Boxes
                                                                     4 piece - $10.25
                                                                     5 piece - $12.75
                                                                     6 piece - $14.75
                                                                     8 piece - $19.50
                                                                     9 piece - $22.00
                                                                   12 piece - $29.00
                                                                   16 piece - $39.00
                                                                   18 piece - $42.75
                                                                   25 piece - $59.75
                                                                   32 piece - $75.00

*The prices listed are for our artisan truffle boxes. Adding specialty, seasonal, cones & critter truffles can increase the cost of the box by .25 to $1.75 per piece.